About Jay Andrew Allen

Jay Andrew Allen

I’m a freelance technical writer and consumer writer based in Seattle, WA. Writing has been my passion ever since I was 12 years old and I “borrowed” my mother’s Strunk & White. (Returning it any day now, mom. Promise.) Since 2004, I’ve been combining my love of words with my technical knowledge and Internet savvy to produce content for diverse audiences.

My 5+ year career as a technical writer and programmer/writer includes writing documentation for Microsoft’s Visual Studio and Exchange Server products, as well as for Glosten and Associate’s ballast management software system. I continue to write content for non-technical end users, programming hobbyists, and high level software architects alike.

As a consumer writer, I’ve produced and promoted great writing for sites such as ParentDish (formerly Blogging Baby) and Strollerderby. I am an expert in WordPress, having developed several plug-ins for the platform, and am experienced with a number of other content management systems.

You will find more information about my career, as well as my colleague’s praise for my work, on my LinkedIn page. For information about my competitive rates and project availability, contact me via LinkedIn, or e-mail me directly:


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